Progress on IL-2’s Odessa map

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update on the Odessa map for IL-2. Experienced map maker Zeus and team have been working away behind the scenes to create the Odessa map for the series and now for the first time in months they are showing off some new work in progress screen shots.

New work in progress images

Odessa from a distance.

Zeus and others working with him previously created the Velikie Luki third party map that was added in a patch for IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad early in its release. The map added a different locale beyond the standard Stalingrad scenario and it was a much appreciated beginning of what will hopefully be a series of maps coming out over time.

In the new shots we what the city of Odessa is looking like from a distance. The summer terrain set is a nice thing to see having experienced a lot of autumn and winter scenarios with just the dry late summer of Stalingrad for a change of appearance.

Unlike Moscow and the Moscow map, here you’ll be able to fly over this somewhat smaller city located on the Black Sea.

Buildings that make up the city blocks of Odessa.

Next we get to see what a few of the buildings look like. These city blocks are meant for the crowded streets of the city of Odessa. I suspect a lot of time and resources have gone into making this key city appear as authentically as possible in the game engine.

We also get to see what an Artillery School and a lighthouse.

These are some impressive shots and you can find them on the Russian IL-2 Sturmovik forum along with some added discussion.

Waiting on tech

Keep in mind that these are all unfinished works in progress and that the third party team behind them has a lot more to do before they are done.

Building a map takes months for a dedicated team and even longer for a third party team. Some of what they need will be partially reliant on the new mapping technology developed for the Battle of Kuban – the ocean technology being a key part of that with a portion of the Black Sea making an appearance.

When its finished, the Odessa map should be another place for the Battle of Moscow aircraft set to fly and fight for. Many of the aircraft fighting at Moscow were also fighting over Odessa – although this map begs for a few more aircraft like the Bf110C-2, Ju87B-2, I-153, and the SB-2 bomber. It’s unlikely that we’ll see those any time soon but in the meantime we still have a credible aircraft set to fly here and that should be a lot of fun!


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