Blazing Steppe is the next IL-2 scripted campaign

1C Game Studios announced today that they are offering a new scripted single player campaign experience as a follow up to their earlier Ten Days of Autumn campaign. Blazing Steppe is a Yak-1, Stalingrad based campaign and its now up for pre-order.

blazingsteppe-pre-order.pngThe promise made by developers when Ten Days of Autumn was announced was that they would be likely releasing future campaigns and that they would next focus on a Russian aircraft and squadron. Promise kept.

Featuring the  11th IAP (fighter regiment) and their Yak-1 Series 69 fighters, the player will join the thick of the battle around Stalingrad in the late summer as German forces close in on the city.

Research efforts to make this campaign authentic are likely to produce similar results to Ten Days of Autumn which are, in a word, excellently researched from what I can tell. The attention to detail in both mission design and mission briefings was a high standard in my opinion so I’m excited to see this next installment.

A special pre-order bonus comes in the form of this ‘6th IAK PVO’ Yak-1 Series 69 skin.

If you pre-order, they also throw in a custom skin titled ‘6th IAK PVO’ (referring to the air defense forces) which is a nice bonus.

The campaign is now in the IL-2 store for $9.99.


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