IL-2 ‘roll coupling’ flight model update

Some players over the years have complained about excessive ‘roll coupling’ on virtually all of the aircraft featured in the second generation IL-2 series. Today we heard a little more about when the revised update is coming. Sometime later this summer.

What are you actually talking about?

Over the course of 2016 the developers have talked about making improvements to the flight dynamics and particularly around the interactions between aircraft roll and the rudder.

At the moment you can induce significant roll in an aircraft by using the rudder. This is an accurate relationship but the degree of it is apparently overdone. In November the developers wrote a pretty significant piece in a developer update which I will copy here:

I would like to emphasize the fact that we finally managed to complete an important research carried out under a physics model further development task, announced back in 120th developer’s diary. We were able to establish the root cause of some excessive roll reactions of our aircrafts on the rudder. Oddly enough, we reached the proper behavior of the aircraft through more detailed modeling of the fuselage aerodynamics. By the way, I never cease to be surprised at how bizarre and sometimes non-trivial relationships of aerodynamics and flight dynamics are woven together, when the solution of the problem in the end is not quite where you expected it to be. Nevertheless, we have conducted a number of internal experiments with one of the airplanes, and they showed very good results: the ailerons deviation for slip compensation significantly reduced, the aircraft has acquired the ability to perform deep coordinated sideslip, including at low airspeeds, which is useful on final approach. And when pushing the pedal with the fixed stick the aircraft instead of performing a roll begin to fall into a bank putting the nose down.

The successful completion of this research will enable us to further refine the behavior of our aircrafts on these flight regimes. However, the implementation of this research results for all aircrafts in IL-2 BoS/BoM/BoK requires a lot of time. We hope to have this opportunity during 2017.

That comes from this November 2016 developer diary update.

Modifying the aircraft to use the new system requires significant amounts of flight model work not only on new aircraft arriving in Battle of Kuban but also stretching back to Battle of Moscow and Battle of Stalingrad. Twenty aircraft need fixing.

The latest

Players have been anxious to experience the latest flight model updates and are hoping that the changes to the way that the rudder and roll interact will help some aircraft that are particularly challenging in one way or another. The P-40 is one in particular that suffers from a departure from controlled flight very quickly when too much rudder is applied – this may or may not change with the update but some are hopeful it will make the P-40 an easier aircraft to handle.

Jason updated us today on when they hope to roll this update out:

Any FM changes won’t be released until later this summer.

Previously we knew it would likely happen sometime during 2017 and now we seem to have honed in the date a little bit. I would personally interpret summer as being anywhere from June until the end of September or even early October. October and November are likely to be a busy months for Kuban development but it may also be around the time when this significant update rolls out.


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  1. Pixel Dust says:

    Since the rudder acts on the aircraft like the endpoint of a lever, it makes sense that the fuselage (length in particular) has something fairly important to do with roll and slip, in that it probably contains the fulcrum of the lever; adjusting the location of that point within the aircraft mass changes the mechanical advantage of the rudder and hence aircraft reaction to rudder inputs.

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