1CGS is looking for content creators, contractors

The developer team for 1C Game Studio’s second generation IL-2 series is a small one. Despite their small size, they have built some incredible content in just a few short years. That small team needs help and they are calling for the community to help fill some interesting roles.

Help with Japanese resources

Jason William’s developer update earlier today was primarily centered around the need for additional references and resources for what comes after IL-2: Battle of Kuban.

In September, Williams announced that IL-2 would be expanding once again beyond its Eastern Front roots by diving headlong into the Pacific starting with the pivotal Battle of Midway. The community has responded positively to the news, however, the theatre presents its own challenges. American aircraft are easy to find sources for but Japanese aircraft are difficult. Original documents are in Japanese and 1CGS’ Russian and English based developers and backers are not typically fluent in the language. A translator or two are desperately needed but that isn’t all.

The team needs information on Japanese aircraft in particular and Jason has opened a thread for that.

The response from the community appears to be overwhelmingly positive with people putting forward information, suggested articles, books, resources, and more. This is the kind of action and response that propels flight simming from just another game series into something truly special.

Content creators, writers also needed

Jason also put the call out for a variety of other roles including 3D modelers for tanks and warships as well as a Maya animator. Beta testers, campaign creators, writers and a layout manager are also being called for.

If you think you can contribute, check out the new Jobs, Contractors and Content Creators forum.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. The request for internal and external modellers for tanks is interesting 🙂


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t see the interior modeler for tanks? Either way its interesting that they are looking for added support there. It may be just that the team is bogged down creating so much stuff that they need some extra help to fill out the vehicle ranks a bit more.

      Or…. they have plans to build out some more tanks for player use. That would be pretty incredible. Subject of a planned future blog post!


  2. Well Shamrock, they are looking for writers and contributors. Are you going to contribute?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Seriously considering throwing my hat in the ring. Yep!


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