DCS: Normandy rolls out with a bit of turbulence

Eagle Dynamic’s release of DCS: Normandy and DCS World 2.1 rolled out with a few bumps over the weekend and while the release was a success overall, it appears that there will be some growing pains associated with this new version over the coming weeks and months. Wags from the Eagle Dynamics team took to the official forum to comment.

Wags’ primary goal was to remind everyone that DCS: Normandy and associated DCS World 2.1 release is an Alpha version and that there will be some bumps in the road.

As an Early Access ALPHA, please be prepared for a lot of bugs and missing features as this is the nature of the beast. The primary function of the Alpha is to gain feedback from a much larger installed base than we currently have at our disposal. This is particularly true for testing the software against the multitude of hardware configurations out there.

Updates are promised and surely the team will be working to sort out some of the biggest issues with this release. The backdrop of this is that the Normandy map and the DCS World War II efforts are part of a broader effort of upgrading the whole game engine. DCS World 2.1 with new lighting, shadowing, and other in-engine features is a step towards DCS World 2.5 which will be the ‘unified’ release integrating the Caucasus, Nevada, Normandy and other future map and content releases (such as the Straights of Hormuz map).

Visit the Eagle Dynamics forum for the full statement.

Some fans have already taken to YouTube to show off recommended settings and how well the whole thing is working for them. Others are still expressing frustration at how low performance currently is. Surely, it will get better over time for everyone.

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