Spitfire V, key features in-progress for IL-2: Battle of Kuban

The Spitfire Mark Vb is a highly anticipated aircraft for the IL-2 series and many fans can’t wait to get their hands on this aircraft. It’s coming soon along with a host of other features.

Spitfire for Patch 2.011?

All signs are pointing to the Spitfire Vb being released in Patch 2.011 or the next patch which is due before the end of June. Cockpit textures and flight model tuning remain on the to do list for the Spitfire which means that its likely we’ll see the cockpit very shortly (we haven’t yet) and have the aircraft in our hands before long after that.

We still don’t know which engine the Spitfire will come with. The lower altitude optimized Merlin 45 or the higher altitude optimized Merlin 46. Both were supplied to the Soivet Union as part of the Lend Lease agreement and both fought over Kuban although the Merlin 46 were by far the more numerous.

Standard armament for this Mark Vb version are two Hispano Mark II 20mm cannons and four Browning .303 calibre machine guns. This armament combination gave the Spitfire a powerful punch and the Hispano cannons are amongs the most powerful 20mm cannons of World War II (highly comparable to the ShVAK and MG151/20 that we already have). The downside is that the B-type wing and armament combination for the Spitfire allowed for only 60 rounds per drum magazine and fire duration on the cannons was only 6-seconds.

This version of the Spitfire wasn’t used as a fighter-bomber so its unlikely we’ll see any air to ground bombs.


Today we saw all of the skins that would be available by default. They tend to focus on RAF and USAAF aircraft with very few Russian options (aside from the default and one other). No winter skins are available either which is not surprising as no winter schemes were ever employed on Spitfires (to my knowledge anyways).

The reason for the lack of Russian options is likely because there just weren’t many Spitfires in VVS service and most had very little in the way of unique or interesting markings aside from what has already been done.

U-Boat surfaces

Type-II U-boat.jpg

Behold the Type-II U-boat. These were small 24-person submarines that were able to operate in shallower waters thanks to their diminutive size. These boats had three torpedo tubes with a total of five torpedoes and a single 20mm anti-aircraft gun for use on the surface.

According to Wikipedia six boats were used in the Black Sea region.

Six were stripped down to just a hull, transported by river and truck to Linz (on the Danube), and reassembled for use in the Black Sea against the Soviet Union.

An incredible side story on the origins of these boats in the Black Sea. Other Type-IIs were used as training boats for getting crews ready to operate on some of the larger and more powerful U-Boats that hunted ships in the Atlantic.

Many of us are still very interested to see how these fit into the sim. Will they take evasive action when attacked? Will they shoot torpedoes and guns in a realistic manner at each other? My bet is yes. But I’ll be interesting to see how much they can do.

Other features mentioned

Han made some short mentions of a number of significant features. You can read the whole list on the update but I’ll go over some really important mentions right here.

Roll coupling has been a feature we’ve talked about for a while now. This is in relation to the stability of aircraft when using their rudders and how much roll is appropriate. These changes have required a review of the entire flight model and for every aircraft to have its flight model updated and checked. It seems that we’ll be seeing it soon!

The flight physics improvements (enhanced fuselage tail modeling that will make the FM even more realistic at unstable flight modes and when there is a strong rudder input) are nearly finished, we plan to release the corrected FM in July.

Look for that in the patch after the Spitfire.

Han also talked about the new Career system. Texts, squadron insignia, GUI, mission patterns, and more are all being worked on. This new system should give us a much more enjoyable campaign experience above and beyond what we have right now. This update not only affects Battle of Kuban but also Battle of Moscow and Stalingrad too so everyone is going to see the benefits from this.

For the rest on what the team is up to, read the whole update and check out the rest of those gorgeous Spitfire images!


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