A few more Blazing Steppe IL-2 campaign screen shots

Blazing Steppe is the next pay for Scripted Campaign by Black Six and 1C Game Studios. Black Six was on the forums a few days ago showing off a few more screen shots of the campaign.

Blazing Steppe covers August to September 1942 during the initial attack on Stalingrad setting the stage for the partial capture, street by street fighting, encirclement and winter surrender of the German army at Stalingrad.

If these 15 missions are anything like the ones we saw in Ten Days of Autumn it will be an immensely enjoyable experience.

Find the rest of Black Six’s screen shots on this forum post.

Blazing Steppe is $9.99 on the IL-2 store and in pre-order mode right now. Release is expected in the next few weeks.

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