The road ahead for IL-2: Battle of Kuban

Today’s IL-2: Battle of Kuban developer update focused on flight model updates. These updates won’t be coming until the end of July or August but they are highly anticipated.

What the roll coupling flight model update will do

This change, which I’ve talked about before, is both a small and a big thing. The actual changes to the aircraft described are going to likely be fairly small overall but it will affect handling across the board. That’s why it’s taken so long for the team to work on it since it was announced last year.

Flight models are the bread and butter of a realistic sim like IL-2 so getting it right obviously is important.

The specific changes are primarily to how the rudder interacts with how the aircraft rolls. This should be a lot less under the new system. But there are other effects and here are a few highlights from the list provided by the devs this week:

  • Aircraft stability along the pitch and yaw axes has been reworked. Planes reaction to control surfaces input became much less volatile and closer to reality.
  • Aircraft controllability was tuned simultaneously with the stability in the same control channels. Control surfaces inputs in different flight conditions became more realistic. Aircraft handling became much less ‘sharp’ and more convenient and predictable.
  • Load increase of the control surfaces has been corrected as the speed increases, changing aircraft controllability at various flight speeds and making them function closer to real data.

Aircraft should become a little more predictable to fly. I won’t say easier right now because I suspect they will be fairly similar but there will be a definite change to the feeling. Bf109 fans are still hoping that it will solve that types sometimes twitchy oscillating behavior. That remains to be seen.

There’s a lot more on both general changes as well as changes that affect specific types of aircraft. Every aircraft in the series has been affected so it’s worth checking the list to see how it might change things up for you.

Skins for the Hs129

Community member  I./ZG1_Panzerbar was revealed to be a major contributor to skins in the official pack. This time he produced a series of skins for the Hs129B-2 Collector Plane.

They look good! The Hs129B-2, according to the original schedule, should be available sometime in November although progress on this aircraft appears to be coming along. With the skins complete and the aircraft implemented in-engine I’m curious to know what else needs work. Flight models, levels of detail, damage and attachment work still may take some time.

Will we see this type sooner than expected? Perhaps.

Coming up

Update 2.011 should arrive before the end of the month. Usually when we get to this point its another week or two before we see the patch come out. Anticipation for this patch is higher than even the usual as many are excited, myself included, to get to flying the new Spitfire Vb.


We did hear a little from Jason Williams about the Spitfire today as well, saying:

The Spit just entered Beta. It’s fun and looks awesome. 🙂

And he dropped that screen shot as a nice gift! I can wait!

The Spitfire will release alongside numerous fixes (though not the roll coupling fix) and the new premium Blazing Steppe campaign which is still available for pre-order.

In the Caucasus mountains on the Kuban map.

We’re also expecting that Update 2.012 may be our first early access to the Kuban map which is going to be a major milestone for the development of the Battle of Kuban.

There is a lot to come but in the meantime check out the full update.


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  1. Hallo Gentlemen! Iam glad that Hs129B-2 skins went good. Next step – Ju87D-3 skins…


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Keep up the great work Panzerbar! Love your attention to detail and accuracy on the Hs129 skins. New Stuka skins sounds great!


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