DCS: F/A-18C gets a demo mission video

A new video showcasing the E3 2017 demo mission for the new DCS F/A-18C module gives us a great look at the Hornet and we get a little more info about what is coming up next.

Pre-Alpha State

Matt Wagner released the video earlier today and there seemed to be an emphasis that the Hornet is still very much a work in progress. The F/A-18C is still in pre-alpha state and its still several months away from pre-order early access.

Eagle Dynamics photo from the E3 show floor at the Thrustmaster booth

For E3 the setup was very basic. The goal was for people walking around at E3 to be able to jump in and quickly interact with the aircraft without a lot of foreknowledge. This makes sense as E3 is a trade show turned public and the goal here seems to have been to try and attract a more general audience and maybe more importantly, gaming industry journalists that aren’t necessarily sim fans.

More Hornet videos to come

Matt also mentioned that there will be future Hornet videos coming showcasing the new systems and features as they are implemented. The first of those videos may appear as early as next week.

He commented that people may end up getting sick of the videos but I doubt that will be the case for most serious fans of the series. Any look at the Hornet has been desperately wanted for a while now and so a jump to more content will be appreciated.

Early access is months away

If the vague timeline holds, early access for this module is months away. I would suspect that will put us at the end of 2017 for any kind of potential access and well into 2018 before the module is complete and ready.

For many, it will be a long wait!


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