First video of IL-2’s Spitfire Vb

1CGS dropped a nice gift from this week’s Dev Diary with a short video showing off the Spitfire Vb. To say that the community is eagerly anticipating this aircraft would be an understatement.

Overall handling

The Spitfire was legendary for its sensitive elevator, average roll rate, impressive turn rate, and good overall performance. Gavrick from 1CGS provides a detailed overview of the aircraft from trim to handling but he summarizes it this way:

To summarize, Spitfire is a maneuverable, relatively easy to control and decently armed aircraft. However, its maneuverability (that comes from its large wing surface of 22.5 square meters, while Soviet fighters had ~17.5 sq.m. and Bf 109 had 16.2 sq.m) comes with the price of modest maximal speed near the ground.

Merlin engine versions confirmed

One of the biggest takeaways from this update is that the Spitfire will be coming with an engine modification.

Most Spitfire Vbs sent to Russia had the Merlin 46 engine which had its critical altitude up around 4-5 kilometers. The Merlin 45 was optimized for a slightly lower altitude and approximately one-fifth of all Russian Spitfire Vb models had this engine type.

This shouldn’t be confused with the Merlin 45M which was further optimized for low altitude operations but it does give us choice and a performance option for flying medium or higher altitude operations.

You’ll be able to pick the appropriate engine for the operation!

Spitfire comes with both Merlin 45 and Merlin 46 options!

A short but cool video

1CGS also released a short video showing the Spitfire in action. It’s our first look at it in motion and its also our first look at the cockpit of the Spitfire Vb in this sim.

Engine sounds are good (but not great) but I figured that getting the throaty roar of the Merlin would be next to impossible. Still, it’s looking great and sounding decent.

Enjoy the video!


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