IL-2, Rise of Flight summer sale and Spitfire release date

The summer video game sale season is upon us and the developers of IL-2 are getting in on the act with sale prices for IL-2 and Rise of Flight. If you were thinking about getting into the IL-2 series or Rise of Flight, now is a great time!

The sales!

Copied right from the post, here are the sales for the IL-2 series.

Rise of Flight is also offering 66% off everything.

There’s some really good content in there that is being discounted that we haven’t seen discounted before. The Yak-1B and Ju52 are both 33% off and the Battle of Moscow MC.202 and P-40E-1 haven’t been on sale like this very many times before.

Ten Days of Autumn is half price as well which makes this a very good buy. I just wrote a review on the single player scripted campaign recently and this sale price makes the campaign even more compelling a purchase than before.

Not sure which of the IL-2 series you should jump into first? Check out my guide on which one you should purchase first.

The sale ends on July 6.

The Camel and the Fokker Dr. I fight it out in the skies of Rise of Flight

Spitfire, Blazing Steppe release date

IL-2 patch 2.011 will be released at the close of the summer sale. Notably, Patch 2.011 will bring with it the release of the Spitfire Vb for all Battle of Kuban pre-order owners. This highly anticipated fighter flew in the skies of the Kuban battles but its also the iconic British fighter that was flown by thousands of Allied and Commonwealth pilots from the start to end of the war.

The Spitfire Mark Vb should be a very fun aircraft to have added to the series!

Blazing Steppe, the second 1CGS produced premium campaign, will also release with patch 2.011. This campaign will take players to the late summer of 1942 over the skies of Stalingrad with the Yak-1 Series 69. Players who pre-order also get a unique PVO skin for the Yak-1 as a nice little bonus. It’s not on sale but now is a great time to pick it up.

The Yak-1 in the new Blazing Steppe single player campaign


Details on the sale are on the IL-2 forums which you can jump to here. Also if you missed it, we got a good look at the Spitfire Vb’s cockpit in a YouTube clip from 1CGS for today’s Developer Update.

Work continues on the IL-2: Battle of Kuban release. In the coming months were expecting new aircraft, the new Kuban map, additional graphical and feature updates including a new career and co-op mode. Things are looking bright for the series! Want to see the tentative schedule? I’ve got that right here!

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  1. Pixel Dust says:

    Buy as much as you can directly from the 1C/777 website so that no one takes a cut before the developers.


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