New shadows for IL-2

Jason Williams dropped some new information on the last Dev Diary update talking about a new shadowing system and revised cockpit shadows. I wrote this article and then neglected to hit post – so I’m posting this now!

Cockpit shadows have been an issue

When I first played IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad for the first time I was blown away by the cockpit shadowing. My prior experience was with the original IL-2 which had only some very basic shadow and lighting effects for cockpits. This was so much better but it didn’t come without some issues of its own.

Shadows in IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad often have jagged edges. Doing things this way increased performance but for some players already pushing 100 frames per second and looking for an upgrade in their visual performance – having higher quality shadows would be appreciated. And they will be!

The new shadows are far superior with much smoother edges. These improvements also carry themselves outside of the cockpit applying to aircraft, villages, vehicles and trees.


These are going to improve immersion while flying along significantly.

The effect will be subtle and blend in overall to the other graphical effects of the IL-2 series but together it makes the sim even more compelling visually and doubly so in VR where I’m sure the jagged shadows is even more noticeable right now.

Performance may be an issue on some systems so it sounds like there will be a graduated option improving the shadow detail from high to low.

The new shadows are coming in patch 2.012.

For updates on the shadows, go visit the dev diary!


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