IL-2 update 2.012 will be a big one

The Battle of Kuban expansion for the IL-2 series continues to take shape as does the series on a whole with update 2.012 being a particularly big one in the series history. We now have confirmation that both the Kuban map and the new revised global flight model will be released in this patch. Likely by the end of August.

Kuban battle map


The Kuban region is defined by its mountains, river valleys and its large bodies of water. It has the Black Sea on the south and Sea of Azov in the north. This is a diverse region and a key battleground of World War II. That is particularly true in 1943 when the Axis advance stalled and Soviet forces began to regain lost ground from the previously two years of fighting.

More than any other battle we’ve seen in the new series to-date; this is a combined battle featuring ground, sea and air!

We’ve seen these images in a past update but I thought I should include them here once again. They are magnificent to look at and a good example of what is to come.

Ships in the sea

This weeks update focuses in a little more on the sea aspect of this battle. We have images of the G-5 Motor Torpedo BoatMarinefährprahm, and the Type 7/Project 7/Gnevny-class destroyer.

Ships are going to be a key part of this campaign and I’m excited for missions involving them. Low level attack runs in fighter-bombers and aircraft like the A-20 are going to be exhilarating as are convoy escort missions involving protecting ships from air assault.

Knowing the 1CGS developers standard MO, these ships will be fully functional with torpedoes, guns, and flak all going off during combat operations.

Also on full display is the ocean technology which looks really good. Its something that the 1CGS team had experience with previously thanks to the Channel Map in Rise of Flight.

More images are available in their developer diary.

A big update

In patch 2.012 we’ll be seeing the inclusion of the Kuban map which is apparently nearly finished, very likely some or many of the naval vessels slated for inclusion, the new shadow system, and of course the big flight model update.

Here are some of the common changes:

  • Aircraft stability along the pitch and yaw axes has been reworked. Planes reaction to control surfaces input became much less volatile and closer to reality.
  • Aircraft controllability was tuned simultaneously with the stability in the same control channels. Control surfaces inputs in different flight conditions became more realistic. Aircraft handling became much less ‘sharp’ and more convenient and predictable.
  • Roll ‘dipping’ after a full rudder input has been significantly decreased for all aircraft. Flat turns, coordinated side-slipping (straight banked flight with full rudder input for braking) and other maneuvers with side slipping motion at large angles became much closer to real ones.

For more on the flight model update including the changes to specific aircraft, check out the full list from this past developer update.

Still to come

After the Kuban map and the flight model changes we’re still expecting a lot to come from the team. Some of the content includes the Yak-7B, Hs129B-2, A-20B, P-39L-1, as well as what I expect are a few new land vehicles and the new campaign and co-op systems not to mention the Air Marshal system.

The general schedule for aircraft and content was laid out for us back in 2016 when Jason Williams gave us the general plan in a public Q&A. You can check out my post about that if you’re wondering what is planned to arrive and in what order.


EDITED 2017-07-14 for grammar and added link.


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