DCS Spitfire campaign Operation Epsom now available

When DCS released the Spitfire IX it was only a matter of time before one of their premium campaigns came along to supply the iconic British fighter with some operations to send it on. Those missions are contained in the new campaign: Operation Epsom.

Campaign details


Operation Epsom took place in the days after the Normandy invasion. British forces attempted to outflank Caen but faced stiff opposition from German army units. This was only one operation in a series that were required to oust the Germans from Caen and the surrounding towns. Ultimately this operation was a really a showdown between two well known military leaders – Field Marshal Erwin Rommel on one side and General Bernard Montgomery on the other.

The campaign has 12 missions based on historical operations ranging from armed reconnaissance flights to interception missions. According to the developers everything from the units to aircraft involved are historically based – though at this point I expect the Bf109K-4 and FW190D-9 are stand-in aircraft for the real Bf109G-6/14 and FW190A-6/8 variants that were in actual use during the battle. Those are expected to arrive in future WWII Asset Pack updates so I imagine this campaign will continue to be updated over time.

The campaign is now available in the DCS e-Store for $9.99 and it requires the Normandy Map, the World War II Assets Pack and of course the Spitfire IX. Befitting the occasion, Eagle Dynamics is offering 40% off on the trio of packages required for this campaign which isn’t too bad of a deal considering that all of them are relatively new.

Personally, my funds are a little stretched so I’ll be holding off for now but this is the first cohesive package that shows what DCS World in the World War II setting is capable of and its certainly exciting.

Check out the details on the DCS World Weekend Update forum post and watch the official campaign trailer by X-Stounds.

Feature image source: Eagle Dynamics

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