YouTuber SideStrafe interviews Eagle Dynamics Matt Wagner

Better known for his playthroughs of games like Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and Titanfall 2, YouTuber SideStrafe spent just over an hour doing a live Q&A with Eagle Dynamics Matt Wagner.

The interview is well worth listening to. Much of what Matt has to say has been answered before in different venues but its still great to hear the latest on projects like Normandy, Straight of Hormuz, and what the future holds.

An interesting tidbit I learned was just how long Matt Wagner and the team at Eagle Dynamics have been working together (20 years!) and how close some of the partnerships with groups like Belsimtek are with the team. Its not a surprise given that third party’s efforts on the F/A-18C Hornet module.

Another interesting piece was on if another modern Russian aircraft would be appearing in the near future modeled at a similar level to the Hornet. It doesn’t sound like there will be from Matt’s answer but I’m sure there’s always room to grow later on.

Listen in for the rest of the Q&A session.

Feature image source: Eagle Dynamics


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