Eagle Dynamics shows off more Strait of Hormuz, new trains for Nevada

Does it seem like Eagle Dynamics is releasing much more in the way of work-in-progress materials including some really cool screenshots recently? It feels that way with their latest images from the upcoming Strait of Hormuz map and some cool images of new long-haul railway cars for Nevada.

All aboard


I grew up in a household where model trains was a thing so seeing this Union Pacific ES44AC locomotive seems a little bit special. The detailing on the model is fantastic… especially for something that may flash past in a blink of an eye at 900 knots. Of course that has never stopped DCS from doing fantastic details on everything – I have special appreciation for that.

There are some more railcars that will fit in perfectly on Nevada coming up too. See those on the dev update!

Another look at the Strait

Strait of Hormuz is an interesting map set in an interesting geopolitical zone that should make for some interesting DCS related scenarios in the future. Its ocean areas will be ideal for the USS Nimitz-class carrier and F/A-18C module currently under development.

These latest shots show us ocean-front, inner city, and shipping ports rendered at surprisingly high levels of detail.

With the right missions and campaigns, this will be an incredible area to fly over with all of the modern jets available and coming up for DCS.

Release dates are of course murky but it appears that this map is coming along well with similar technologies and visuals as the new revised Caucasus map. We’re expecting that to release with DCS World 2.5. Strait of Hormuz is unlikely to be too far behind that.

See everything from ED in their latest update here!



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  1. ghostpaw says:

    I gather, from your previous posts, that you may have bought the Nevada map to use in version 2.X of DCSW along with the Mirage model.

    Looking at only those two purchases, which run about $120 retail, what content did you receive with them? By content, I mean gaming activities that you would pursue, once you learned how to fly the Mirage in Nevada?

    I am quite sincere here, and of course, I do not mean to burden you with a lot of work. If you could just give me a rough idea of what is available to play once you complete training, I’d be most appreciative.

    I am considering the move to version 2 of DCSW, I just want to know what would I have by way of playable content once I bought the Nevada (and even perhaps the Normandy) map and a new module.

    Many thanks, I will understand if it is too much effort; I do mean to put an excessive burden on you.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Ghostpaw,

      Actually a very good question. I always buy on sale so it cost me a lot less than $120… if I’m remembering right it was about $30 for both at various points in time. Always buy on sale 🙂

      As for content. I’m still learning the Mirage so at the moment Nevada I bought mostly for scenery. It’s so much fun to fly above the strip or go sightseeing.

      Mirage has only a few missions for Nevada. It’s a bit thin. I think if you want a serious campaign they have one for purchase. It’s not the best bang for the buck… unless you get it on sale.

      There’s always multiplayer as well though most seem to still be on 1.5/Caucasus.


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