RAZBAM shows off AV-8B and Strait of Hormuz

When it comes to new maps for DCS I get the sense that the community is pretty excited. Both the new Caucasus and Strait of Hormuz maps are oriented towards the modern aircraft lineup and RAZBAM’s AV-8B Harrier fits nicely into that. Today they dropped a few more screen shots for us to look at!

Two for one deal

These images are really a two-for-one deal with both the new Strait of Hormuz map for DCS made by Eagle Dynamics as well as third party RAZBAM’s Harrier.

razbam-av8b-soh (3)

We don’t really learn too much more from this except to gawk at the latest graphics. DCS World 2 and its all new engine really do have some impressive visuals (though Facebook’s compression does ruin the details a bit).

Visit RAZBAM’s Facebook page for more!

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