IL-2 Update 2.012 arrives with Kuban, Hs-129 and new FM

This is a huge update for the IL-2 series and a key point in the development of IL-2: Battle of Kuban although this patch is so much more. With a brand new map, a complete flight model update for all aircraft and a new early access aircraft all included, it’s safe to say that this is the biggest update to the IL-2 series in quite some time.

Some really big updates

To summarize the huge list of updates into some key points:

  • Release of the Kuban map with all three seasons and 120 thousand square kilometers of terrain;
  • FM update for all aircraft in the series;
  • Completely new shadow technology;
  • Hs129B-2 armored ground attack aircraft;

This is a big update (1.72 GB) and for me it’s still downloading after nearly a half an hour. This will take some time no doubt.


Continuing coverage

To say that the community is excited about this update is an extreme understatement. That includes me! I’ll be doing some extensive coverage on the new updates and the new features that the series is including thanks to these updates including my reactions to the new flight model and lots of details on the map that you may not have seen yet.

In the meantime I highly encourage you to visit the update notes from 1CGS as they have an extensive list of everything that they have changed and updated including some very detailed notes about the flight model changes. Nobody can realistically accuse 1CGS of skimping on details – those notes and more are all here.


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