Win a Battle of Kuban premium key in screenshot contest

The Syndicate, an IL-2 community group, recently released Fritz’s Life – an IL-2 Scripted Campaign detailing the life of one pilot flying during the Battle of Moscow. To celebrate the release, the team is hosting a screenshot contest where the winner gets a premium key for Battle of Kuban.

Fritz’s life?

Fictional Luftwaffe pilot Hermann Fritz is a Spanish Civil war veteran and Bf109E-7 pilot in the southern part of the Moscow battle. The campaign takes you through ten missions covering the experiences of this pilot. I’ve only scratched the surface reaching mission three so far but its well worth checking out.

Making my way home after a train busting mission!

The Contest

The contest is to take the best screenshot. The winner receives a IL-2: Battle of Kuban Premium Key (the only release available right now) and the runner up gets a Collector Plane of their choice.

Submitted screenshots will be judged by the campaign development team and the winners chosen within a week of the deadline. You have until September 20 to drop a screenshot in the contest thread on the IL-2 forums to win.


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