RAZBAM’s AV-8B Harrier enters internal testing

This week’s DCS World Weekend News update focused on third party developer RAZBAM’s AV-8B Harrier Night Attack module. The aircraft has entered internal testing which means the module is now on its way towards release.

Bringing the Harrier to life


RAZBAM has been releasing nearly daily updates of testing on the AV-8B giving fans of the aircraft plenty of drool worthy screenshots. Although the aircraft is looking more complete each day, these are complex machines in real life and simulating them at the level that DCS allows is certainly a time consuming process.

The AV-8B module, just like Heatblur’s F-14 Tomcat, is more than just an aircraft as the team is developing an aircraft carrier to go with it and its also the first flyable jumpjet which no doubt brings its own complexities.


The AV-8B also has a mix of digital and analog cockpit controls and is relatively modern so there are whole layers of GUI that the team needs to build representing the real life controls of an AV-8B Night Attack Harrier.

Cleverly we also see some new images of the updated DCS World 2.5 Caucasus map in the ‘background’ of these images of the Harrier. The map continues to look as incredible as ever.

Image Source: Eagle Dynamics

Next steps

Internal testing will probably take some time but its a clear step towards being ready for public consumption. Pre-order sales will probably indicate that there are bugs but that the module is nearly ready for the public to get a chance to access and early access will of course coincide with a release ready – although potentially not fully content complete – version of the AV-8B.

Check out more news, sales, and screenshots from the DCS World Weekend News update.


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