New images IL-2: Battle of Kuban’s A-20B cockpit

This week Jason Williams gave us an update for IL-2: Battle of Kuban with some great work in progress shots of the A-20B cockpit. These shots still lack textures but they do show the incredible amounts of detail going into this twin engined bomber.

A look inside the ‘pit


The single pilot A-20B cockpit is almost fighter like in its shape. At once its both reminiscent of what I remember a P-47 cockpit to look like while also looking a bit like what a B-25 looks like.

The A-20B has fixed forward armament in the form of a pair of .50cal machine guns. These should be sufficient to do light attacks against vehicle convoys, trains and even knock out the gunners on ships and torpedo boats during naval operations. We can see clearly the reflector gunsight, the artificial horizon and plenty of dials and gauges.


We also get a pretty good look at what the cockpit looks like from other angles including this shot from above. Obviously its a complex cockpit and its just one part of the aircraft. A rear turret above and ventral gunner station below are also key areas not to mention forward looking out the glass nose of the aircraft.

In the next few months we’re likely to see the A-20B take shape.

In the meantime, hop over to the IL-2 forums for more images!


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