IL-2 Devs Talk Career Mode, Bf 109G-6

The Career Mode is a big plank in the updates being made to the IL-2 series by 1CGS and perhaps the most anticipated change. This week Han went on the forums with another fantastic developer update featuring some key information about the mode. We were also surprised by the news that the Bf109G-6 is already under development by the model team.

Let’s talk about the career mode

We’ve known this for a while but I feel compelled to tell everyone again: Career mode is a replacement for the current Campaign system and it will not be just a Battle of Kuban thing. This is coming to all three products in the series regardless of if you’ve bought the most recent IL-2: Battle of Kuban release. That’s how fundamental a change this is.

We now have some interesting data on each campaign. Moscow’s campaign will be 200 days long, Battle of Stalingrad’s is 163 days long and Kuban’s is 176 days. This is important as you’ll play through each campaign nearly day by day if its anything like Rise of Flight’s campaign system.

There will be 145 squadrons represented by the mode in total with 98 of them flyable by the player. This is comprehensive to say the least. Why the remaining 47 squadrons are not player flyable is a bit of a mystery to me but it could range from insufficient data to operations from outside of the map area (and thus only viable as an AI unit).

We’re still not completely sure either how the devs will handle the P-40E or MC.202 which are at times outside of their appropriate times for the titles that they shipped with.

Another big item to note: 38 mission types planned. This is substantially more than the 22 types that are currently available (more than I would have anticipated) in the Campaign system. Mission types and substantial diversity is important to really feeling like you’re part of the overall conflict and flying the same mission over and over can take you out of that. I’m glad to hear that they have doubled down it this feature.

Needless to say that all of this is leading us up towards what should be a dramatically improved single player experience. There are also 83 newspapers, 70 awards, 550 historical photos, and pilot and squadron biographies. All of this being done to make the system far more immersive and to plug a hole in the weaker single player side of IL-2.

Gustav the sixth

A few weeks ago, we learned from Jason that more aircraft were in development for IL-2 including the Bf109G-6 and La-5FN. To my and many peoples surprise, the Bf109G-6 is not only planned but also already under development!


The Bf109G-6 represents an ideal aircraft as a follow on Collector Plane requiring a limited amount of team resources to modify the transitional Bf109G-4 into the G-6 version. Armed with MG131 heavy machine guns instead of the lighter guns of earlier versions the Bf109G-6 was late to the Kuban battle but very much a part of it. Heavier firepower is its key trait while performance and handling were less impressive than earlier versions so it’ll be a trade-off flying this aircraft – again, Collector Planes almost never offering a pay to win approach.


Fans of the aircraft series seem very interested to see it. When I conducted a poll on the IL-2 Facebook fan page the Bf109G-6 was the most anticipated aircraft tied only with the P-39 and well out ahead of any of the other types. So clearly this is a much desired aircraft!

Find out about and and all the rest on the Developer Diary update!

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