New DCS info trickles out

Behind the scenes, Eagle Dynamics is working away on highly anticipated modules like the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet module and the DCS World 2.5 unified update. News continues to trickle out slowly but surely with a few new images appearing this week that are interesting.

Strait of Hormuz map

This looks like it will be the zone that is being modeled for the Strait of Hormuz map covering an area large enough to include countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Iran and Oman.

Source: /r/Hoggit

Apparently the overall size is somewhat smaller than the Caucasus or Normandy maps. That said, despite the water in the middle of the map, this requires multiple major ports and cities to be modeled at the usual DCS level of attention to detail.

A new F/A-18 screenshot

Eagle Dynamics Facebook

Eagle Dynamics released a new image captioned ‘Ready for an early morning departure.’ Further question and answer information revealed that another introduction video on the F/A-18 is coming once Caution and Warning systems are complete.

More here!

More images of Caucasus

These images don’t show too much new but we do get to see a few more areas of the new map. Fields are highly textured and detailed, tree density is much higher than the old map and generally everything is looking really good.

Source: r/Hoggit

I couldn’t find the original source but you can find more images and discussion at r/Hoggit.

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