Battle of Moscow on sale?

As far as I know there hasn’t been a formal announcement for a sale. That seems to matter little as according to the IL-2 website, Battle of Moscow is on sale.

Surprise sale?

Right now, at least according to the front page, IL-2: Battle of Moscow Standard edition (with 8 aircraft) is on for $24.99. Premium edition (with 8 regular aircraft and 2 Collector Planes) is on for $39.99.

If true, these are good prices for an excellent title. Battle of Moscow arguably has a better map than Battle of Stalingrad and it comes with a great variety of unique aircraft. Luftwaffe fans get some interesting types like the Bf110E-2, Bf109E-7 (the famed earlier ‘Emil’ series) while Russian aircraft fans also pick up a couple of interesting types like the MiG-3 and I-16.

A 109 is seconds from crashing while this MiG-3 pulls away

Collector planes also on sale?

It also appears that if you buy Battle of Moscow you’ll also get some good savings on Collector Planes with a 40% discount. There are currently a batch of Collector Planes available including the La-5 Series 8 (now with M-82F engine upgrade suitable for Battle of Kuban battles), FW190A-3, Ju52/3m, Yak-1B, MC.202 and P-40E-1.

If you’re not sure yet about IL-2: Battle of Moscow, I encourage you to read my review and see what you think. It’s also worth noting that if you’re new to the series, Battle of Moscow has come a long way since its release and the extra development towards Battle of Kuban has also improved the Battle of Moscow experience too. A whole new Career mode is coming soon to the entire series further updating that experience.

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