IL-2’s P-39, co-op mode, and water streaked canopies!

The month of surprises continues for the IL-2 series with 1CGS revealing the latest news and information on the series including news on co-op mode and some beautifully textured P-39L-1 work in progress images. Oh, and one really cool video! We’ll get to that!

Water streaked canopies are coming to IL-2

This one was truly a surprise. We’d heard musings about most of the other surprises this month but this one was truly one that the devs hadn’t talked about or mentioned in much of any way.

With this new effect, raindrops appear realistically on the canopy of the aircraft with appropriately angled effects on the sides of the canopy and a different effect on the front and on the top.

See for yourself!

In my opinion this is an incredibly convincing effect and it really looks good. I’m curious to see if they go with the same or similar effect while flying through clouds. Rise of Flight did it and I’m curious if they will here.

Two additional questions spring to mind. Can oil leaking from the engine after battle damage be done in the same way? It’d be far more convincing than the current effect. Also, what happens with snow? Would wet snow stick to the canopy?

We don’t know these answers yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is iterated on over time. It’s completely convincing and better than I could have imagined. The team is to be commended on this!

This may or may not make the next patch so it could be 2018 before we see it which is fine. Also, its completely optional so you can turn it off if you want. I’ll be leaving it on!

Co-op mode details

The long awaited return of co-op to the IL-2 series is coming along. We learned a few details today.

This will function similar to Rise of Flight (and also the original IL-2) with one person starting a new co-op server, other players join and then a mission or series of missions are loaded. Players pick their spots from available aircraft and then unselected aircraft are flown by the AI.

It has some interesting added features:

The mission scenario could be nearly anything you could think of – scripting allows a mission designer to create almost any combat situation. Moreover, branching multiplayer campaigns will be possible, when a mission outcome decides which mission to load next.

Very cool!

Multiplayer upgrades coming next year

The biggest issue with IL-2 multiplayer right now is perhaps not in a server but what happens before you get there. There is no social element or aspect to the series and that makes getting people into co-ops or organizing group sessions difficult. In the glory days of IL-2 multiplayer, HyperLobby (a third party lobby system) would be full of players and active chat rooms would allow for people to advertise and run co-op and dogfight matches.

Friday night co-ops were a lot of fun back in the day. I think those or something like them will add a lot to the series again and it looks like Jason Williams and team are working on something coming in 2018 that should help make this all work. This is what Jason had to say:

What Han mentioned in the DD for COOP is both our basic functionality (very similar to ROF) which is coming for Kuban and a future feature we plan for next year that has a more Hyperlobby like interface which I am trying to get done for you guys.

That sounds good!

The P-39 gets it’s textures

We’ve seen the untextured version before but now we get to see the P-39L-1 in all of its glory. And it looks phenomenal!

The L-1 version packs a 1,325 hp Allison V-1710-63 engine and is armed with a single M4 37mm hub mounted cannon, four M2 .30 cal light machine guns, and two M2 .50cal heavy machine guns.

Though tricky to fly at times, the P-39 is a legend in Soviet service and this L-1 version should be able to handle itself well. More information is coming next week which I’m eagerly anticipating!

More images and information are available on the IL-2 forums!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pixel Dust says:

    I certainly think the weather effects add tremendously to immersion, and the BoX series, particularly the campaign and career modes, are going to be about story-line.

    I’m sure they will look to real-life rain splattered canopies and see how propellers create rain and water patterns; for some reason, the tentative impression from this first video seems off in some way. I’m glad, however, that they approach it, and, like you, would love to see the snow and mud given some role, too, but not to the point of sucking cpu cycles into the ground, so-to-speak.

    I never try to hijack your threads, cause I really do enjoy your website and the many high-quality additions you publish.

    However, I am still going to continue to nudge you to have a look at Falcon BMS; since you like modern, single-player jets like your Mirage, I am sure you will find the Falcon to your liking.

    To that end, and in the spirit of this thread about rain-soaked canopies, have a look at this very long video by one of the Netherlands virtual squadrons flying the F-16:

    It is long, and I admit I am somewhat nervous to suggest it to you for that reason alone, but when you have time, see it thru and you will appreciate how far a true simulator can take you, if you want to invest the time in it. These guys are really hard-core sim pilots, but they also tell a good story, like you do with your videos.

    Weather effects, in a game that began back in 1998, are remarkably realistic and add to the depth. Falcon is a game that you’ll appreciate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey Pixel,

      Any weather effects are huge for me as a bit of a weather enthusiast. I’m sure the 1CGS team will have to balance things out so they don’t suck down too much GPU/CPU time trying to make things ultra real. The immersion element here will be the most useful part!

      I keep trying to learn more about BMS (I spent ages looking in on DCS before I jumped in at all) but its rather difficult to do that. There doesn’t seem to be any consistent communication anywhere and the forum they have seems to be set to private – you have to register to get in. What you can see all dates back to 2011. It doesn’t inspire. Any helpful links? Does anyone maintain a blog/fan site like I do?

      There’s also the issue of learning yet another sim. I am time limited (as we all are) so I have to make choices 🙂


  2. ghostpaw says:

    It is annoying, yes, but not uncommon; even DCS and 1C/777 require registration for full forum access, I believe.

    The total, upfront commitment for Falcon is that you must have a base system installation on your machine of the original Falcon 4.0 (not the Falcon Allied Force version). That requires about 150 MB of material, which I installed on a USB drive and satisfied the copyright problems that existed prior to that. You will never use that installation (hence the USB stick), but it has to be present for the BMS 4.33 installation to proceed in any other directory that you choose.

    I am not seeing what you are, regarding current postings, but I can tell you that the F4 community is far more vibrant and involved than any on DCS. You will find lots of active virtual squadrons, with plenty of F4 training and mentors available. Posts on the forums (both the BMS and at the squadron level) are new even as of today; it is very active.

    Hopefully, you’ve had time to watch the very lengthy video I linked above. It not only shows how good a really old sim like F4 can be (not unlike the patched and modded IL-2 1946 series), but it also is made from the penultimate version of F4, the 4.32 patch version. F4 has been substantially upgraded to the 4.33 version, whose name gives little notice of its substantial changes available:

    I do understand the time thing, but it really depends on what kind of simulation fidelity you want to learn. Given the paucity of post-module-training activities available on DCSW, I believe that the whole BoX series to be a better value for both single and multiplayer experience than ED’s offerings.

    However, even with 1C’s great offerings, if you want to learn a modern aircraft’s systems in painful detail, and then have something to do with that knowledge once it is so hard-earned learned, then there is no comparison to the BMS 4.33 simulation fidelity and dynamic campaign system.

    It stands proudly, head-and-shoulders above anything DCSW has to offer. The very existence of F4 as patched by BMS is the strongest argument for why you see no flyable F16 modules in DCSW: anything that they might offer would pale in comparison.

    Like food and art, it is all subjective. That’s why I try to link interesting videos from F4, to show what a very old simulation can offer. The dynamic campaign alone is worth the $10 it takes to buy a legitimate F4 license installation:

    no other simulation today can compete with F4 in this arena, so when you do learn the intricacies of the various aircraft block entities, you will have an inexhaustible fount of activities to hone your virtual claws with.

    Do with these suggestions as you will, but like Pope said “A little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring; there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking deeply largely sobers us again.”

    Have fun in the virtual skies!

    Pixel Dust, out…


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