YouTube video roundup

In the modern age of flight simming there is a ton of video content floating around out there from community members generating all sorts of content. You now see everything from cinematic sequences (like the ones I tend to make) to multi-hour Twitch streams. I love watching these sorts of things when I’m not flying myself. So here’s my roundup of the latest videos that you might want to watch.

IL-2 airfield strike over Kuban

The first video comes from Wanganui Wildcat who posts quite a lot of video on YouTube. This 5 minute video features an airfield strike and some defensive moves against attacking fighters that work out pretty well. Except when it doesn’t. Stay right to the end too!

The Reapers coordinate a tense CAP mission

YouTube/Twitch streamers The Reapers fly some pretty exciting and sometimes tense missions but this one, part of their ripped (and exaggerated) from the headlines Catalonia/Spain campaign, is particularly notable.

One of their members, Cap, operates as “Overlord” managing the flights and directing them in to positions to help defeat large numbers of F/A-18 and F-5 aggressors. Its a tense 44 minute video as the group attempts to defend their base while facing down SAM coverage and a large number of jets. A lot of hot refueling happens here as they try to juggle the situation. It’s awesome!

Ralfi’s Alley low level F-5 strike

Things don’t pick up until nearly 18 minutes into this video but then they really get exciting. The rest of the video is worth watching too as Ralfi and wingmate fly a low level strike in a pair of F-5s using fully accurate brevity code (Ralfi subtitles some of the more obscure terms). Things get even more interesting after the strike so make sure you watch the two of them co-ordinate a stunning reversal.

Pure P-40 Power

Another Wanganui Wildcat video features the P-40 and a full month of flying this underappreciated (and newly revitalized) warbird. Set to the musical overtones of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Free bird.’ Fully worth the watch!

Falcon strike on a power station

The final video in the roundup is a Falcon BMS video featuring a 30 minute strike on a nuclear power station. Heavily defended, the strike team has to fly through some withering AAA fire before putting ordinance on the target.

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