The IL-2 Halloween Sale Guide

A couple of days ago 1CGS announced that they were ending their own sale early, however, we knew also that a big Steam sale was about to hit. Now it has and there are some pretty good deals on offer! This is your IL-2 Halloween Sale Guide.

Game and aircraft discounts

Both fully released IL-2 titles are currently on sale for 50% off. So too are the La-5 Series 8 and FW190A-3 Collector Planes.



Every other Collector Plane currently available for sale are 40% off their regular price too.



The MC.202 and P-40E are available on sale via the IL-2 website store and through Steam while the Yak-1B and Ju52 are only available via the website. If you have your IL-2 plugged in through Steam it’s still okay to buy directly from the Steam store as it uses the same IL-2 account.

The IL-2 single player Scripted Campaigns ‘Ten Days of Autumn’ and ‘Blazing Steppe’ are also on sale for 50% and 40% respectively.

Rise of Flight content is now 66% off as well so if there’s a plane or a modification you somehow don’t own at this point, now is a great time!


The sale started today and it goes until November 1st so you have a few days to figure out what you want.

What should I get if I’m looking at getting started?

I’ve written a guide on what IL-2 versions are out there and which one you should start with right now if you’re just getting started. Also, I have written reviews on both ‘Blazing Steppe‘ or ‘Ten Days of Autumn‘ so if you’re not sure if spending a few dollars on each of those is worth it – read away.

If you bought both Premium versions of IL-2 (Stalingrad and Moscow) you still don’t have quite everything just yet. The Yak-1B Series 127 was released late last year and it is currently one of the best Russian fighters currently available. It fits nicely into the Battle of Kuban timeline and its a brilliant fighter to fly.


The Ju52/3m is a different beast altogether offering the IL-2 series its first flyable transport aircraft. It can fly supply runs, drop paratroopers and deploy parachute cargo canisters. It’s not for everyone but if you want something different… this is beautifully detailed and modeled.

But really, if you’re just looking to get started and not spend too much money: Get IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad Standard Edition for $24.99. That gets you started and gives you a lot of gameplay options for both online and offline without spending that much.

And no matter if you get Battle of Moscow or Battle of Stalingrad, you get the full benefits to some of the new features that the series is dropping soon such as the new Career mode (which replaces the old Campaign system) and Coop. Both coming in the next couple of months.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section!


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