DCS Mirage 2000C update coming soon

A recent post by RAZBAM developer CptSmiley on the r/hoggit Reddit community has highlighted some upcoming changes for the Mirage 2000C. If you’re a fan of this module you’re going to want to read about it.

Flight model updates


One of the bigger criticisms of the Mirage 2000C right now is the flight model. Although its very good in a number of ways the biggest critique, and one that I share, is that the aircraft looses energy rapidly in a turn. It wasn’t so bad until I started flying other modules and then I noticed just how quickly it looses energy.

RAZBAM, the developers of the module, went back over the aircraft’s modelling and apparently they have reworked a good portion of the flight model. No doubt that their work on the AV-8B has helped them mature as a developer and they are bringing that expertise to the Mirage as well.

List of changes

Here’s a list of changes that RAZBAM is pushing out to Eagle Dynamics. If accepted, they will then be implemented in the next update for DCS 1.5 and 2.x.

Flight Model and Systems:

  • Added clickableness to secondary oil switch
  • Added instability modeling for high angle of attack with heavy loadout
  • Fixed slat schedule equation
  • Fixed jittery acceleration numbers for HUD when weight on wheels (takeoff)
  • Fixed AP flight path marker on HUD now follows pitch ladder with roll
  • Fixed airbrake not showing in multiplayer
  • Fixed airspeed shown in HUD is now proper calibrated airspeed
  • Updated slat effectiveness
  • Updated weights of stores/pylons based on new data
  • Updated engine thrust for correct takeoff acceleration data
  • Updated rolling friction for accurate ground reaction behavior
  • Updated gear reaction for smoother response
  • Updated airfoil tables for proper lift and drag across envelope
  • Updated thrust, airfoil aerodynamics, fuselage aerodynamics to match performance data
  • Updated afterburner thrust reaction to environmental conditions
  • Updated roll rate control response with increased inertia (stores)
  • Updated FBW AOA limiter behavior and response
  • Updated FBW roll/yaw coupling logic
  • Updated AP for better response
  • Updated fuel flow modeling for various airframe and environmental conditions
  • Updated AP logic so that it holds trim position when placed off, thus leaving airframe in trimmed state
  • Updated FBW low speed behavior to be more AOA controlled, previously was pitch rate controlled. Gives more accurate response and behavior in low speed feels more like a standard aircraft.
  • Updated trim control sensitivity
  • Updated FBW spin switch logic
  • Updated FBW emergency switch logic

3D Model and Textures:

  • Updated HUD glass material/texture
  • Updated collision model with misconfigured line segements
  • Updated fuel tank model and attachment angle
  • Updated external model with minor specular changes
  • Updated cockpit and external model for optimized polygons and more rounded cylinders
  • Updated interior lights

I’ve also learned via a thread on the Eagle Dynamics forum that there are other updates coming including an update that will enable better sound design for DCS. This is sorely needed for those wanting the ultimate immersion.

Here’s the info, again from RAZBAM developer CptSmiley:

There is a brand new sounder implementation now available to 3rd party developers. We’ll be reworking the sounds once that implementation in the SDK is available in all versions.

What might that sound like? A video posted by YouTuber BLACK HAT offers some possible insight. What the video is trying to suggest I’m not exactly sure. It certainly sounds good and maybe shows us what it might end up sounding like.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. gflinch says:

    I am big on sound, you can take the worst graphics and add good sound and it makes the game 100% better. I know many may think the current sounds are ok, and I am not hating on them, but this (and the Su27 video he has up) is just so close to what we hear at airshows, it makes this sim thats already pleasing to look at even better! I hope this is going to help redo and improve the sound for all aircraft in the game.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Agreed! Fingers crossed for a substantial upgrade here. Good audio isn’t strictly a necessity but it makes the experience so much better.


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