AV-8B Harrier early access begins November 29

RAZBAM Simulations took to Facebook today to announce that their long awaited AV-8B NA Harrier module would be entering into Early Access in DCS World on November 29. If you’re ready to fly this versatile jump jet fighter, get your pre-order dollars ready now!

The Night Attack Harrier


This is the USMC version of the British Harrier jet. The project was born in the 1970s to address problems with earlier versions of the jet. The AV-8B entered into USMC service in 1985 and received a series of upgrades over the years.

The Night Attack variant specializes in, you guessed it, night time attack with a secondary air to air role.

This module comes with an Advanced Flight Module in DCS World and a high degree of systems fidelity including features like multi-function displays, heads up display, LITENING targeting pod, and night and vision goggles.


It of course comes with weapons like the AIM-9 Sidewinder, the GAU-12 25mm rotary cannon, AGM-65 Maverick, as well as bombs and rockets including the JDAM and Paveway LGB bombs.

Slight discount available

The AV-8B is currently available for a $20 discount on the DCS World e-Store. It’s currently $49.99 USD with a regular price of $69.99. I’ve heard it suggested that it will go to full price on launch of the early access period but I’m not sure if that is the case.

If you really want the module and have to have it day one? The $49.99 price is fairly well in line with other DCS modules.

Check out full details on the store.

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