DCS: AV-8B released!

After months of growing interest and weeks of pitched anticipation, RAZBAM’s DCS: AV-8B Harrier module has been released. Sort of. Its now available in DCS World 1.5 beta but not yet in DCS World 2.

It’s official


The release of this module marks a major milestone for RAZBAM and it comes at a time when DCS is changing dramatically with DCS World 1.5 being phased out and DCS World 2/2.5 taking over. In a matter of weeks the situation is likely to change and DCS World 2.5 will take over as the only way to play DCS.

In the meantime, AV-8B is now available to play but only if you’re running the 1.5.8 beta release. So says RAZBAM in an official statement on their Facebook page:

Folks. The DCS:AV-8B Night Attack by RAZBAM is released.
The first release is for 1.5.8 Open Beta. Open Alpha release should happen in 1 to 2 weeks as per ED’s schedule.

We will make the paint-kit available tomorrow, through our website.

Open Alpha of course referring to DCS World 2.1 Alpha that’s currently available for owners of DCS: Nevada and DCS: Normandy.

First reactions and combat on YouTube

The best thing about the release is that we have a small but dedicated YouTube community and there are new videos releasing all the time featuring the Harrier both in the pre-release previews afforded to some lucky YouTubers and now to everyone in early access.

First we have Shiftie Mover with a short but cool video of him trying the AV-8B out. He doesn’t know a lot about flying the Harrier but puts in a good performance including landing on the new USS Tarawa.

We also have The Reapers, a YouTube/Twitch streaming squadron who fly missions regularly and post them for watching. The squad flew their first combat sortie, a simple CAS mission, with the AV-8B being flown by the majority of the squad with support from the F-5, M-2000C and AJS-37.



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