Yes the La-5FN and Bf109G-6 will be in the Kuban Career mode

I’ve heard a few people around the community expressing uncertainty about the La-5FN and the Bf109G-6 and if they will be usable at all in the single player campaign. The assumption and understanding I had was that they would be.

If you wanted more assurances… we now have it.

From Black Six


1CGS developer and forum personality ‘Black Six,’ responsible for a lot of research and the excellent Ten Days of Autumn and Blazing Steppe campaigns, replied to a question on this issue with the following response.

Both Bf 109 G-6 and La-5FN will be available in the new Kuban career, G-6 from the end of June 1943 and FN from end the of [July] 1943.

So there you have it. Starting in June 1943 you’ll be able to fly Bf109G-6 fighters with the appropriate units in the Kuban Career and you’ll have to wait just a little longer for the La-5FN appearing in the campaign during July 1943.

This La-5 has the M-82F engine modification for near unlimited boost time on the engine

Until the La-5FN appears you’ll most likely be able to make use of the La-5F (M-82F engine modification) too so that should keep Lavochkin fighter fans in the battle until the much improved FN model appears on the scene.

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