Final flight of 2017

We’re in the last hours of 2017 now and I thought I might be able to squeeze in one last flight of the year.

Jumping into multiplayer

For today’s mission I decided to jump into the EU Official 1CGS server. This is a Normal settings server with slightly relaxed settings and featuring both aircraft and tanks on all maps. For a quick bout of multiplayer it can be incredibly fun and just as challenging as an Expert level server (just in a different way).

Flying on the Kuban map near Novorossiysk, I selected the Axis side to help even up the teams. I also picked one of my perennial favourites – the FW190. This compact radial engined fighter has been one of my top fighters for a long time in the sim world. With the flight model updates it is now everything I had hoped it would be.


Within minutes I was assisting a friendly bomber over the battle space right along the Black Sea coastline. Soon, enemy and friendly fighters, bombers and attack aircraft were everywhere while machine gun tracers flew across the ground between opposing ground troops.


First victory

Multiple attack attempts failed as they pulled out of sight just before I could get a shot off. Something you expect more often in a Normal server. That’s ok… We kept fighting up the coast where a Bf109F-4 was pursued by a La-5.

Two other enemy fighters evaded but this La-5 was intent on getting the Bf109… and that’s when I got him.


A couple of 20mm shots crippled the aircraft. This player was notorious for disconnecting in the middle of a fight…. So, I gave him a little extra with all four 20mm cannons firing!

Soon the La-5’s wing had disconnected from the airframe under the withering fire.


Splash one!

Second victory

The fight went on. Several more swirling dogfights later I noticed an I-16, painted all red, and armed with bombs heading for friendly ground targets.


I didn’t get there in time to stop his bomb drop but I was intent on preventing his escape. The first attack he evaded easily thanks the I-16s incredible agility. The FW190 is very dissimilar but I knew I held advantages both in speed and climb so I went into an overhead yo-yo.



Soon I was immediately behind him. My first shots went wide while a glancing shot landed on the I-16. This must have crippled him as he wasn’t maneuvering much for my second attack. Repositioning I came straight in on his 6 o’clock and gave him the full guns.


The I-16 disappeared into the trees.

Splash two!

Time to head home

Covering a crippled Bf109 part of the way home I decided it was time to land to refuel and rearm with a fresh FW190. Landing at Anapa successfully I taxied to the side of the airfield and parked my aircraft.


Mission result: Two enemy fighters destroyed, enemy aircraft covered and a successful landing.

That’s it for 2017 folks! Happy New Year and look for more blog posts in 2018!


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