Recap of the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Live Stream

Matt “Waggs” Wagner gave us a great update on the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet via a live stream that was later published to YouTube and Facebook and shared around the DCS community. The video previews the latest work on the Hornet module as well as the new Caucasus map.

Two parts

DCS Hornet Live Stream Dec 31 (1)

The first video is actually a re-recording of the live stream as the live stream was accidentally overwritten/deleted by part two. I was there for most of the live stream and the re-record is everything that the live stream was and possibly even more polished.

Starting from an airbase on the new DCS World 2.5 Caucasus map, Matt takes the audience through a detailed start-up and take-off. A sightseeing tour of the map commences with some talk about the Hornet and about the new technologies they have and are working on.

DCS Hornet Live Stream Dec 31 (6)

Some key notes

  • Hornet has wing flex
  • New over wing vapor effects will appear during high-G turns (although there is currently a bug preventing its view in part 1)
  • Speed tree technology tweaked and now has more natural look and feel
  • Speed tree tech for grass coming
  • Road network tweaked from previous Caucasus map
  • Team is working on making sure old missions and campaigns work on the new map

And now watch the videos

Check out Part 1 first to see most of the new features and what the module is capable of. Includes a rocket attack simulation and an explanation of some of the systems as well as basic procedures.

Part 2 also features a rocket attack and a gun attack with some more flying over the Caucasus map – this time during the winter. The Hornet appears to be fairly easy to use as a rocket platform where the A-G radar can be used to appropriately set the piper on target – this is quite a bit better than getting information before mission and using QFE info to hopefully get the piper on target as in the AJS-37 Viggen.

I certainly enjoyed both of these videos and my excitement level is going up for the Hornet. I was thinking of giving it a pass at first but I’m actually pretty excited to try it out. It looked complex but these videos are giving me more confidence that I might be able to figure out and fly the Hornet without too much trouble.

Fun extra note: Both F-4E and Mi-24P icons appear on Matt’s development build as well which is interesting to see!


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