Red Flag 16-2 for the DCS: AJS-37 Viggen first three missions free

If you wanted to get a taste of the new Red Flag campaign for the AJS-37 Viggen… you can now for free.

First three, free

The first three missions are available to download and setup for DCS World 2 for free. You must own the AJS-37 Viggen and the Nevada modules to play but otherwise you’re ready to download and play these missions.

Bunyap from the forums writes:

To give you a taste of this campaign, we are offering you the first three missions as a free sample. Mission 1 covers your arrival at Nellis AFB, and mission 2 is an orientation flight of the NTTR Range area. These, in conjunction with detailed briefings, will familiarize you with the airspace, and prepare you for the missions that follow.

Mission 3 is your first ‘full up’ Red Flag mission, placing you within a full large force exercise (LFE) package. This third mission is representative of the missions that follow in the full campaign.

Read the rest and download the missions right here!

EDIT: Fixed the headline as I transposed three to free 🙂

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  1. gflinch says:

    Taking a notes from (ahem) ‘dealers’ this can be addicting way to sell these.


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