DCS World 2022 roadmap

This year should prove to be an interesting one for DCS World with a variety of new modules on the horizon and old modules getting set for some overhauls and updates. This page will be periodically updated with roadmap information as it is published.

This roadmap was last updated on September 26, 2022

Upcoming modules

Core updates

  • Weather/cloud updates – Volumetric clouds were added in 2021. Moving and more detailed weather fronts are expected in 2022.
  • Dynamic campaign – Set for early access release in the 2021 roadmap. We’re awaiting new news on this core feature.
  • Vulkan API and multi-threading – Boosting performance of DCS World is a key priority and Vulkan and other multi-threading updates are expected to help. Originally expected in Q3. We’re awaiting new news on this core update.
  • FLIR technology update – This new technology has now been released as of March 2022.
  • Enhanced AI – Better AI using more realistic flight models is in progress.
  • Air Traffic Control and Radio – New technology updates for ATC (based on Supercarrier) including new radio calls for a wide variety of functions.

Announced aircraft modules

Recent releases

  • DCS: AH-64D Apache Longbow (Eagle Dynamics) – Released March, 2022.
  • DCS: Mirage F1 (Aerges) – Released July 21, 2022.
  • DCS: South Atlantic (RAZBAM) – Released June 8, 2022.

Upcoming releases

  • DCS: F-4 Phantom (Heatblur) – Following an early year teaser, Heatblur has announced the DCS: F-4E Phantom coming with a couple of variations. Early access is expected before the end of 2022.
  • DCS: MB-339 (IndiaFoxtEcho) – Expected release sometime in the second half of 2022.
  • DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle (RAZBAM) – Unknown release date. Might have an early access release by end of 2022.
  • DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 3 (Eagle Dynamics) – A paid update (similar to the DCS: A-10C II) is expected sometime this year. It is expected that Black Shark 2 will continue to be available as a module for current owners.
  • DCS: OH-58 (Polychop) – Development has slowed and the project has been delayed but it is possible that Polychop will release this module sometime in 2022.
  • DCS: F4U-1D Corsair (Leatherneck/Magnitude 3) – In development with no expected release date.
  • DCS: F8J Crusader (Leatherneck/Magnitude 3) – Announced in 2021. The project has no expected release date.
  • DCS: MiG-21bis 2.0 (Leatherneck/Magnitude 3) – The classic MiG-21 is being redeveloped with a variety of upgrades across the module including enhanced art and systems modeling. No release date.
  • DCS: Typhoon (TrueGrit and Heatblur) – This project got a big boost from a partnership with Heatblur. Release date possible in early 2023.
  • DCS: A-6 Intruder (Heatblur) – Legendary developers Heatblur have announced that they are building an AI and then flyable A-6 Intruder for DCS World. It is expected to take a couple of years to develop and is not expected until 2023-24.
  • DCS: A-7 Corsair II (Flying Iron Simulations) – Recent progress suggests that Flying Iron Simulations is well on their way developing their first DCS World module. There is no release date.
  • DCS: F-100D Super Sabre (Grinnelli Designs) – Being developed by Grinnelli Designs, this Vietnam era fighter-bomber looks to be in the early stages of development. Release date unknown.
  • DCS: Kfir (AVIRON) – Moving into official third party status during the summer of 2022, DCS: Kfir seeks to recreate an Israeli Mirage variant.
  • DCS: C-130 (Airplane Simulation Company) – Officially announced by Eagle Dynamics, this new developer has a complex C-130J simulation underway. Other variants such as a KC-130J and HC-130J are possible. No release date.
  • DCS: Tornado GR1 (AviaStorm) – Officially announced by Eagle Dynamics, this project seeks to simulate a 1989 German Tornado G1 standard aircraft. It has no known release date.
  • DCS: A-1H Skyraider (Crosstail Studios) – Officially announced by Eagle Dynamics and partnered with Echo One Niner Audio Production for audio work. This simulation of the A-1H Skyraider has no release date but has been shown flying in the sim.

Announced map/scenery modules

  • DCS: Kola (Orbx) – In development with famous scenery creator Orbx, this map will provide a modern rendition of the Kola region. Two campaigns by Reflected and Baltic Dragon have already been announced taking advantage of the new scenery.
  • DCS: Sinai (OnReTech) – Simulating the region wedged between Israel and Egypt, this map project is being developed by OnReTech, a new third party developer.
  • DCS: Top End of Australia (Check Six Simulations) – Check Six Simulations is creating a new map for DCS World featuring Australia’s Western and Northern Territories. The map is home to notable RAAF airbases at Darwin and Tindal.

Rumoured/unconfirmed modules

  • DCS: MiG-17F (Red Star Simulations) – Recent updates suggest the team has upped their standards and are pushing for a higher quality level before submitting to Eagle Dynamics.
  • DCS: Su-17/22 “Fitter” (Leatherneck/Magnitude 3) – This Cold War era strike jet has been teased a few times now by the development team. It is not formally announced and has no roadmap or release date.
  • DCS: Su-17/22 (OctopusG) – The modeler behind the DCS: I-16 project has teased an unconfirmed DCS module with cockpit images of the Su-17/22 fighter-bomber. It’s possible that this is a teamup with Leatherneck/Magnitude 3 but its unknown.
  • DCS: MiG-29 (Eagle Dynamics) – A full fidelity MiG-29 has been mentioned a few times by Eagle Dynamics COO. Development is not expected to begin until after Black Shark 3 is released.
  • DCS: Afghanistan (Eagle Dynamics) – Eagle Dynamics has long maintained an Afghanistan map for their professional customers. A more visually impressive consumer version is now rumoured thanks to some coordinates flashed during the 2022 and beyond trailer.
  • DCS: IA-58 Pucara (RAZBAM) – RAZBAM have stated a goal of releasing the twin turboprop powered IA-58 Puacara as a DCS module at a later date. Multiple updates showing the project’s work in progress appearance have been displayed so far.
  • DCS: Super Tucano (RAZBAM) – Long on the development list, RAZBAM have been slowly working on the Super Tucano for DCS World. The project has not yet been listed as an official project by Eagle Dynamics.

More updates coming soon!