IL-2: 1946 is available for $1 from Humble Bundle

The folks at Humble Bundle have been releasing older games in large bundle packs as a way to raise money for charity. This time around, Humble Hope for Orphans Bundle, is offering one of my old favourites – IL-2: 1946 as part of the bundle.

Unlock it for $1


You can get access to IL-2: 1946 for $1 or as much as you want to donate to the bundle. It’s not a bad way to pick up a whole bunch of games you might have missed out on from the first time around.

Although the original IL-2: 1946 series is now dated, the version on offer is (as many of you know) the ultimate edition with hundreds of aircraft, multiple theaters of the WWII (and slightly thereafter) conflict, and a decade worth of flight sim development.

IL-2: 1946 goes almost to the start of the WWII air war right through to the end. Then it goes a step further offering a few extra aircraft from the 1946 time period making some fun guesses at what might have been and putting some unlikely prototypes at the front of the pack for once.

If that’s too hypothetical, the title boasts an impressive array of favourites including dozens of different Bf109, Spitfire, Mustang, Thunderbolt, FW190, A6M Zero, Yak series, and Lavochkin aircraft at your disposal.

The game engine is dated and support is more limited (though the community really can step up in that area) but it’s not bad for $1…

Find out more about the Humble Bundle here.


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