RAZBAM’s doing some PBR updates for the M-2000C

Third party developer RAZBAM has done a great job with the Mirage 2000C in my opinion. Not content with sitting still, they are taking another pass at some of the Mirage’s visuals thanks to the DCS 2.5 update. Check out these really cool PBR updates!



With DCS World 2.2 and 2.5, Eagle Dynamics has pushed PBR or physically based rendering. This takes the guess work away from the artist on how reflective surfaces should be. Using realistic shading and lighting models, determined by the real world physics and physical properties, PBR lets textures on objects in DCS look more like their real world counterparts. Aluminum, wood, titanium, plastic, steel, and other materials all get definitions within the DCS World.

Getting these right takes time and a lot of older DCS World cockpits needed to be retextured to make them work with PBR. It’s taken a while and there are bugs on some modules that really stick out.

RAZBAM was intent on making sure that the Mirage didn’t suffer from those issues and they are busy updating their first DCS module to support PRB. It’s really made the Mirage 2000C cockpit look spectacular!


The cockpit was the most recent update on their Facebook page and that was a follow up from an earlier post showing what the Mirage externals looked like.

The results look great adding that extra layer of precision and beauty to the external model. I’ve become a real Mirage 2000 fan thanks to RAZBAM’s module and while I’m still cracking the code on how to use some of the systems – I know it’ll be able to enjoy the Mirage with some beautiful new textures.


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