New IL-2 dev diary focus on P-39, A-20 4k skins and Bodenplatte

It’s a packed dev diary this week from the team at 1C Game Studios with an update on IL-2: Battle of Kuban and IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte. The focus this week is on the work in progress P-39 cockpit, new A-20 skins at 4K resolution, and a little talk about Bodenplatte.

Concurrent development

Development for IL-2: Battle of Kuban continues but at least some work is now underway for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte too. This week we learned that the preliminary work on the Spitfire IXe, P-47 and Bf109G-14 are underway. Collecting reference documents on the Tempest V is also underway.

Could that mean that some of the first aircraft in IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte are going to be these four aircraft? It’s possible but it may also just be what the team is working on right now and the exact order is still being planned.

We’ve also learned that Flying Circus flight model adaptations are underway too.

In the same time, we have started adapting the existing WWI aircraft FM for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles engine for Flying Circus project.

This leaves me curious as to if the team is planning on making any changes to the way the FM’s work for these WWI kites or if this is simply adapting existing FM values for IL-2 without any changes.

There’s also mention this week of Tank Crew and how the team is working on the higher terrain mesh resolution as well as previously unknown building destruction tech. Very interesting little bits of information for now.

We’ll know more as things progress.

A-20B and P-39L-1

Both A-20B and P-39L-1 are featured this week. We get to see the final array of skins for the A-20B and we’ve learned that it will also be made available with 4K skins. A first for the series.

I’m pleased to see a lot of Russian Eastern Front schemes and the odd USAAF scheme as well.

We’re also finally getting our first look at the P-39L-1 cockpit. We haven’t see much of it until now but its finally starting to get its textures completed.


It’s beautifully detailed and the car door style of cockpit access must surely be more complex than the usual sliding hood. It’s part of what makes the P-39 unique and it’s nice to see this fully implemented.

See everything over on the Developer Diary!


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  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    The shiny one looks great but the control surfaces shouldn’t be reflective IMO.


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