RAZBAM MiG-19P cockpit updates

RAZBAM, a third party developer for DCS, is busy updating the community with some visuals of their MiG-19P cockpit. We’ve seen un-textured versions for a while now but the textures are starting to roll out and its putting the MiG-19 in position for being one of the best looking cockpits in DCS.

Latest cockpit photos

The interior of the MiG-19 is really coming along and RAZBAM appears to have learned much with their Mirage and Harrier modules in bringing this aircraft to life. The detailing is already very impressive.

We haven’t seen very many external images for quite some time. The Mirage and Harrier continue to impress so I’m sure when it does come that the MiG-19 will be impressive too.

The ‘Farmer’

Just to go back over what RAZBAM is working on, the MiG-19P was an updated version of the earlier MiG-19 design. The P version that RAZBAM is working on is a late version and that brings with it some interesting features:

  • RP-5 radar
  • R-3S AA missiles (also known as the K-13 also known as the AA-2A ‘Atoll’)
  • Two NR-23 23mm or NR-30 30mm cannons

Another variation, the MiG-19PM, came with four K-5M (AA-1 “Alkali”) radar guided missiles and RAZBAM has talked about potentially offering that version too.


The MiG-19 ‘Farmer’ (NATO reporting name) was the first Soviet jet fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight.

It would gain a reputation of being a fearsome fighter taking on the more advanced F-4 Phantom in the skies over Vietnam. It also served with more than a dozen air forces around the world.

With the MiG-19, a rumored MiG-23, and a F-4 Phantom all on the way it looks like a future 1960s era cold war or Vietnam scenario would potentially be in the offering for DCS.



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