What features will and won’t be on the Bf109G-6

Unlike some of the other versions of the Bf109 that have been added to the IL-2: Great Battles series so far, the Bf109G-6 has a lot of sub variations that sometimes get difficult to keep track of. The discussion on the forums has been intense and now we have some confirmation.

MK108 cannon yes, Erla Haube no

Responding to an 18 page discussion, Black Six let us know a few details about the forthcoming Bf109G-6 that were, up to that point, speculation.

Bf 109 G-6 is finished and it will be released with 3.001. We’ve done early version of this modification (but it’s includes Mk108) and we are going to use G-6 in the BOK career.

Right now we’ve no 3-D models and technologies to show Erla Haube, MW-50, GM-1, Wfr.Gr.21, etc. All of this will appear during BOBP development.

Many of Luftwaffe units used Bf 109 G-6 in the second half of 1944 and I really want to include it in the future career, so maybe we’ll add more modifications in the future.

I would like you to understand our situation and show some patience. Thanks.

The G-6 variant stretched across a couple of years of production and use and was gradually phased out in favour of the Bf109G-14 which was supposed to standardize an increasingly confused production line of G-6s while making room for the K-4 to enter service.

Between the G-6 of Battle of Kuban and the G-14 of Battle of Bodenplatte, dozens of changes were made and features were changed, added and removed.

One modification we are already confirmed as getting is the optional MK108 cannon. The relatively quick firing but low muzzle velocity cannon can do serious damage to enemy aircraft which helps boost the Bf109G-6s usefulness.

Other changes such as the Erla Haube canopy design allowed for better visibility out the sides and to the back. Still more features included MW-50 and GM-1 injection which enabled added engine power for short periods of time and low, medium and high altitudes (in the case of the GM-1).

A much clearer view – the Erla Haube modification came to the G-6 midway through that versions development and sometime after the Kuban battles of 1943.

Still, the potential for added features to the type later on could be interesting. Many of these features, however, ultimately add up to the later Bf109G-14 variant which is already confirmed as being on the list for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte.

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