VFR landing tutorial for DCS: F/A-18

Over the weekend DCS World had a small update with the DCS: F/A-18 tutorial series continuing on with new installements – this time with Matt Wagner demonstrating the technique for VFR (visual flight rules) landings.

More technique than systems

Because of my focus on WWI and WWII aircraft primarily and modern types second, I’ve learned that I’m a bit more of a “stick and rudder” guy who flies the plane. With modern aircraft its more about managing systems and a little less about actual piloting – but VFR flight rules while landing a high performance jet, while reliant on all kinds of helper systems, is definitely about flying the aircraft.

Matt “Wags” Wagner walks everyone through the latest update on the Hornet with a VFR landing tutorial. The video is also a sneak peek at the DCS: Persian Gulf (formerly Strait of Hormuz) map.

I’m assuming that more system based landings involving IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) landings where systems are absolutely essential to putting your aircraft safely on the ground will be coming next.

The US Navy has a series of “Case” types of landings depicting different types of scenarios that I’m betting Matt Wagner will also be covering as part of his tutorial series.

Of course, all of these are teasers in the lead-up to early access for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet module still available with a decent discount from the full price right now. Check that out on the DCS e-Store if you’re interested.


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