DCS news: Yak-52, new ship models, World 2.5 update

A lot going on in the world of DCS World and a recap of recent updates is probably the easiest thing I can do. What’s up? New ships including an upgrade to the Tarawa, Yak-52 flight model discussions, an F-14 update, and a general update on DCS World 2.5 progress. Let’s get into it!

Still not there yet for DCS World 2.5 public

The open beta for DCS World 2.5 is well underway but there are bugs and some major ones at that. A major memory leak that creeps in after you fly more than a few missions has been mentioned by the team and community members more than a few times. Long mission load times are a persistent issue too.

Here’s the latest statement:

Since the release of 2.5 DCS World Open Beta, the team has been hard at work addressing issues identified during the Open Beta process. In this sense, the Open Beta has been a great success and will result in a better finished product. Many issues have already been addressed like night lighting and Spitfire damage model, but we still have a few issues that we need to resolve before we can move DCS World 2.5 out of Open Beta. Some of these issues include a memory leak after starting several missions and more efficient shader compilation for first time mission loads.

More work to come here. The initial optimism that DCS World 2.5 public would launch only a couple of weeks after the beta have turned to more realism that this will still take a while.

New surface combatants

RAZBAM is apparently building a whole fleet of Russian surface vessels for DCS World. Details are a little sparse so far on what exactly the setup is but it looks like, similar to what DEKA Ironworks did with their China Asset Pack, RAZBAM will be contributing something to update ships for the whole of DCS World.


Speaking of ships, RAZBAM is busy adding a higher quality version of the USS Tarawa for use with their DCS: AV-8B Harrier module. This version of the Tarawa will be exclusive to Harrier owners although the basic version will still work and be fully compatible for the whole of DCS World.


This mapped but untextured version is just the start and its already been shown off in the game engine so that means that RAZBAM is making progress. The AV-8B module will only be more compelling with an asset like the Tarawa-class being available for operations.

Check out this and other updates on their Facebook page.

TF-30 engine models for F-14A

The P&W TF-30 engines on the F-14A were notoriously plagued by issues and their powerful but temperamental nature is very much a part of what the F-14A is. The F-14B has an updated engine which sorted out many of the problems and both versions are planned for Heatblur’s DCS: F-14 module.

Heatblur has been busy coding the TF-30 engine and it looks a little something like this.

While we’ve already undertaken the development of an engine model with the Viggen, we decided last year to completely redesign this portion of our simulation framework, in order to create an much more in-depth and realistic simulation of a turbofan engine. This will also help us in recreating the P&W TF-30 engines for the F-14A, as well as other turbofan, turbojet, or turboshaft engines for our future product lineup.

More on the work they are doing right here!

Yak-52 updates


Eagle Dynamics continues to build the Yak-52 for a professional customer and having direct access to the aircraft is apparently yielding some great opportunities to really fine tune the flight model for this aircraft.

After all, getting the most accuracy simulation of this aircraft is the goal for Eagle Dynamics in releasing it to their primary customer.

Just a taste of what they are talking about:

I would like to emphasize that the Yak 52 module is currently being tuned using actual recorded parameters from an actual Yak-52. This is why we call this a new stage in PFM development.

After that they get into the details of how this all works and they lose me a bit there so if you’re interested in the inner workings just read the last two updates!

The bigger picture

Overall things are looking quite good for DCS World right now. In the next six months I expect at least a couple of modules (the F/A-18C and F-14) to enter early access while other modules like the AV-8B continue to gain features. The Persian Gulf map looks more complete each time we see it so its not outside of the realm of possibility that we may see that sometime in the next few months either.

Together these pieces of content represent a more cohesive collection of modules than we’ve seen for DCS in a long time with a powerful focus around relatively modern naval aviation.

The process is slow but as always I’m hopeful that it’s worth it!

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  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    2018 is gonna be a milestone for flight sims.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Agreed! No matter which sim you follow, 2018 is going to be a great year! Doubly so if you follow more than one!

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