IL-2 modification adds summer Moscow map

I haven’t (and probably won’t) cover a ton of mod content on the blog as there’s too much to keep track of but every now and then there is an interesting modification that I think people should have a look at. Introducing a summer Moscow map modification for IL-2.

Mod On mode

Patch 3.001 also introduced a new mode that I haven’t really covered. Mods on mode.

When switched, the game lets you modify files and make changes to some elements of the game. Some things are still meant to be locked down like the aircraft flight models but other things you can edit. Terrain textures and map presets are just some of the things that you can change.

I want to draw attention to a mod being created by IL-2 forum user ‘may-bug’ in what he calls the ‘Green Moscow map‘ but what really could be a future Moscow summer map.


IL-2: Battle of Moscow focuses on the late autumn and winter time periods for the Moscow conflict, however, that conflict stretches in both directions and fighting was still going on within the confines of the in-game map during the summer of 1942. There is no spring or summer map for Moscow right now.

Unofficially this mod replaces the autumn map and makes it green. But one would hope that with some extra development and perhaps an agreement with the development team that a summer Moscow map could one day become official. What about a winter Kuban map? There are great possibilities out there and I do hope that some mods, if useful and at a high quality, make their way into the official game.

Check out the screenshots and visit the IL-2 modifications sub forum for more.


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  1. Adalberto says:

    Very nice indeed.


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