April DCS and IL-2 video roundup

Frequent readers know that I like to highlight videos that I’ve watched out there featuring combat flight sims like DCS and IL-2 and this time around I have a bunch of different videos to highlight from both of those great series. Here’s a video round-up for April 14!

Cinematic and gameplay videos aplenty

Adrián Caparzo on YouTube provides my first video recommendation with “DCS World Fan Movie 2.5”. Its not an inspired title but the video itself is quite inspired. The first half focuses on the beauty of DCS World 2.5 with slower motion and a chance to admire some of the views.

The second half of the video amps up the action showing all kinds of different situations and set-pieces including some tense dogfights.

Next, Wanganui Wildcat’s latest video titled “Lend Lease” is all about the American made aircraft now available in the IL-2 series. Featuring clips of gameplay from the Wings of Liberty server, this video features a little bit of everything including A-20 formations and P-39 and P-40 dogfights and its appropriately set to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”

“Call Mirage” is the next video on my list and its a gripping DCS cinematic that starts slow and builds magnificently. This video by Keller Dominik on YouTube really shows off the Mirage 2000C nicely with some multiplayer footage and a few tense moments.

Another Keller Dominik video follows up the last one with a similar setting and some even more dramatic footage featuring Mi-8, Ka-50, and Mirage 2000. Dramatic music, dramatic set pieces, its got a lot going here.

Next we have an IL-2 video with Vade who has to deal with some friendly fire followed by a concerted effort by the enemy to bring him down. The ending is a bit of a surprise but… you’ll see! Worth watching to the end.

This next one is a cute distraction for anyone who has seen some of the 1990s SAAB car advertisements featuring the Viggen.

And finally, to finish things off I want to share a new video from Ralfidude featuring the Su-25T and some Blue Flag multiplayer action. Ralfidude’s alter-ego, Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz, is the star of this episode and he does some pretty impressive work with the Su-25T.

I hope you enjoyed some or possibly all of these videos! As always, if you have a great video you want to share in the comments, please go ahead and do so!


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