DCS P-47, WWII Asset Update, AJS-37 sale on

A lot of small news items going on in the world of DCS right now including our first look at the DCS: P-47 cockpit, an update on WWII assets, and a Heatblur specific sale on the AJS-37.

The Viggen Goes on Sale


Sweden’s double-delta fighter and strike fighter (in the case of the AJS-37) was a bit of a surprise for many when it appeared on the scene last year. The module continues to mature as new skins and campaigns have been added while weapon systems continue to get updates.

Heatblur recently showed off a video featuring improved BK90 cluster munition performance in DCS World 2.5. Previously, the weapon didn’t work in multiplayer (or not well anyways) and they are on their way to solving that issue.

Currently, Heatblur is offering the DCS: AJS-37 ‘Viggen’ for sale through their own website. It’s not on sale on the DCS e-Store so you have to purchase through Heatblur. You can also purchase a AJS-37 t-shirt there’s also a bundle.

The sale price of the DCS: AJS-37 is $29.99.

Check out Heatblur’s website for more details.

P-47 first look and WWII Asset Pack update

We got our first look at the DCS: P-47D module which is due to come out later this year with a cockpit shot. The lack of a lead computing K-14 gunsight suggests a slightly earlier block number than I had though DCS was doing, but modifications are still possible.

The aircraft’s flight test data is apparently unavailable so Eagle Dynamics had to do some of their own testing via “Flow Vision” to get an accurate flight data representation. This is a small peek into the world of how Eagle Dynamics does their flight models. No doubt that the aircraft will be a very high fidelity representation when they are done (and it’ll be interesting to compare it directly to IL-2’s forthcoming P-47).

The P-47 module will benefit from the work that Eagle Dynamics is doing on the Yak-52 with regards to an accurate radial engine module. That baseline should be helpful for them to build an accurate representation of the P-47s powerful R-2800 radial.

Meanwhile, we also get a look at a StuG IV mobile assault gun used during the Normandy campaign. It’s part of a larger WWII Asset Pack update which is expected in June:

Many new aircraft and ground units are in development for the DCS World War II Assets Pack and we’ve included images of a few of them in this week’s newsletter. We plan to release the first big update to the pack in June 2018. At that time, the cost of the pack will increase by $5 given the additional content.

We’ve previously seen work in progress C-47 and A-20G aircraft flyable for the AI and a variety of ground assets. Eagle Dynamics also reports that third party developer Urga Media is currently working on their Syria map, however, once complete will be looking at updates to the Normandy map including implementing SpeedTree to that map.

The S-75/SA-2 “Guideline” appears

We’re also seeing work from Eagle Dynamics on the S-75/SA-2 SAM battery including the missile guidance radar, early warning radar, and command and control vehicles. The SA-2 will be a free update to DCS World coming later this year.

The S-75 was used by a long list of countries around the world including Chinese specific versions and so the appearance of this SAM system in DCS World opens up a great number of opportunities for realistic scenarios. As DCS World continues to slowly add more aircraft from the 1960s and 1970s in particular, this system will be very important.

As always, more information and continued updates are available from DCS World Weekend News.

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  1. 79vRAF says:

    Sounds like some promising WW2 updates, though the prince increase in the Assets Pack doesn’t sound great. I’m guessing you don’t have to purchase these additions if you already own the assets pack. We definitely need the additional AI aircraft…the skies over Normandy are a bit empty at the moment!


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      They haven’t said either way but I would expect that owners of the pack right now will just get the new content without paying extra. The uproar over charging even more I suspect would be very bad 🙂

      DCS does have a lack of depth of content when it comes to their WWII side of things. Hopefully the asset pack fills the skies up a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

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