Eagle Dynamics talks DCS World beta, Persian Gulf, Su-34 AI, TALD decoy

The DCS World Weekend News is here and with it comes some juicy new screenshots and some details on a new type of weapon system for DCS World – the TALD. More on that and a few other DCS World updates!

Su-34 gets a makeover


Though not a flyable, Eagle Dynamics has slowly been updating non-flyable aircraft to the latest visual detail standards. The next aircraft in-line for the update is the Russian Su-34 “Fullback” supersonic fighter-bomber and strike aircraft.

Based on the Su-27, the Fullback is oriented towards the strike mission with side-by-side seating for the two person crew and a wide selection of stand-off precision weapons as well as unguided bombs. The Su-34 also retains some of the Su-27s air-to-air capability as well as some of that aircraft’s agility.

The Su-34 and Su-24 are now two of the nicest looking non-flyable aircraft in DCS World. I’m pleased to see this work happening and I hope that Eagle Dynamics will be able to revamp some of the other aircraft models over time – some of them are woefully out of place next to some of these updated aircraft.

TALD decoy


Up to six of these gliding decoys can be carried by the F/A-18C and Eagle Dynamics is starting to show off their work on this part of the Hornet module. The ADM-141B TALD can glide for 120km. Thanks to some specially calibrated Luneburg lenses, these decoys can be made to look like a much larger aircraft baiting radar operators into turning their fire control radars on during SEAD/DEAD missions.

I don’t think we’ve ever had the capability to do something like this before and I’m very interested to see the potential uses in organized multiplayer matches and scripted single player scenarios.

Persian Gulf at night

DCS World 2.5 is jaw dropping in its visuals department in most cases but night time has been a weak point with a lot of complaints about how it looks. It seems that Eagle Dynamics is making full use of their development time on DCS: Persian Gulf to solve some of these problems on both the engine and art side of things. Here’s what they had to say:

As we draw closer to the early access release of the Persian Gulf Map for DCS World, a key focus has been on improving the night lighting. Elements that we have improved or added include:

  • Dramatically increased the visibility range of lights
  • Added moon-projected shadows
  • Improved lighting of urban districts such that they appear more natural
  • Variable light colors (warm and cold)
  • Added better scaling of lights depending on view distance
  • Improved lighting of tall buildings
  • Variable illumination based on moon cycle
  • Completed airfield lighting, including approach and VASI lights

That’s great news for DCS: Persian Gulf but what about the other maps? Eagle Dynamics has not forgotten:

Once this effort is complete, we will move these changes to our other maps.

Good news indeed! Here’s some really cool looking night shots featuring some of the urban and airport scenery from DCS: Persian Gulf.

As always, you can see these and more on the DCS World Weekend News update and don’t forget to check out Eagle Dynamics screenshots section of their website which has been updated with many beautiful new images from projects that are coming soon.


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