Hornet release details, L-39 campaign, patch update, more!

It’s Friday and that means another DCS World Weekend News update. This week we’ve got a few more details on the Hornet release, a new DCS World patch, and more.

Kursant campaign

A new campaign has been released, this time for the L-39 combat trainer. This little gem of an aircraft was deserving of a training campaign and now we’ve got one.

The campaign focuses on basic and then advanced training in navigating at low altitudes, reconnaissance, and weapons use.

It sounds petty interesting actually plus the L-39 looks like a fun aircraft to fly on.

Check out the trailer:

The Hornet and Persian Gulf release nears

The F/A-18C Hornet module early access is getting close and is only a few weeks away. This weeks update says that the early access discount will end at the end of this month which suggests Persian Gulf will come out before the end of the month as well.

New details are also coming out regarding future updates to the map:

In addition to fixing a few remaining bugs and further tuning the map, our map team is already at work expanding the low-detail around the map and adding two new Iranian airfields. These two airfields, Kerman and Shiraz, or inland from the Persian Gulf and will add some great gameplay options for both new campaigns and online play. These will significantly expand the range between bases in the UAE/Oman and Iran.

Expanding the map, criticized as being on the smaller side, will no doubt be appreciated by many although the map already offers some interesting locations.

New patch

A new patch for DCS World 2.5 is our bringing new features and fixes. Also, a few bugs. This patch introduces wing LERX vortices for the first time although users have reported bugs with some of the aircraft that feature them (particularly the AV-8B).

Read the change log here.


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