Changes are coming to IL-2’s Steam integration

Earlier today, Jason Williams posted an announcement detailing many of the details behind a forthcoming change to the way that IL-2 and Steam are linked. Important details for players who use Steam to sign in to IL-2 – for everyone else, carry on!

Keep calm and link your account

There are a bunch of changes for Steam accounts that are coming and they will arrive later in June with Patch 3.004. You don’t need to do anything right away but you will need to soon.

Here are some of the details:

For those of you who like to play through Steam you will be happy about this change, but please understand that to be able to also purchase products on our site and fly using your unique IL-2 User Account nickname you will need to perform the linkage which is a one-time event. Once they are linked they are linked forever. Currently ALL Steam customers have separate Steam and IL-2 User accounts, but new Steam users will not automatically have an IL-2 User Account and must create one to link them. We will be providing this linking option to ALL Existing and ALL NEW Steam Sturmovik users. We will be providing a guide soon so you can understand the process before you embark on it. The process is short, but it involves a few steps and there are different paths you can follow.

Thanks to some changes to Steam’s third party integration, 1CGS has had to re-write the way that they do Steam store integration and it has come down to this linking of accounts.

The good news appears to be that linked accounts will still benefit from being able to purchase via Steam or via the IL-2 website store.

Read the full details on the IL-2 forum.


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