DCS: Ka-50 gets new trailer, upgrades planned

DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark marked a number of firsts for the series including a clickable cockpit, professional flight model, and advanced systems modeling. Black Shark 2 brought the module together with the rest of Eagle Dynamics products in an early version of DCS World. Now, Eagle Dynamics is working to bring this module and the A-10C up to the latest DCS World standards. And there’s a fun new trailer thrown in too.

Upgrades for Ka-50

Being one of the older models in the series, the Ka-50 cockpit holds up remarkably well from the screenshots and video that I’ve seen. Still, there is clearly a difference between it and Eagle Dynamics latest DCS: F/A-18C module in terms of the visual appeal. The news that this module is going to get a visual update will surely be welcomed!

Here’s a short caption from this week’s DCS World Weekend News update:

In 2011 we released DCS: Black Shark 2, which is still the most authentic simulation of the Russian Ka-50 attack helicopter. Seven years later, the Ka-50 is still one of the most fun and exciting aircraft to fly in DCS World. With the graphical and updated world (like the new tree system and grass) that DCS World 2.5 brings, the Ka-50 is better than ever.

Check out the trailer!

A-10C not forgotten either

Also mentioned extremely briefly in this update is news that Eagle Dynamics will also be working on the A-10C cockpit to bring that module up to the latest standards as well. These upgrades will likely include ensuring that all of the textures within the cockpit are updated where necessary and that all of the PBR lighting work that DCS World 2.5 supports is done to the appropriate levels.

We know from more recent modules just how amazing and realistic looking these cockpits can be with the most up to date artwork being supported by the visual power of DCS World 2.5.

We’ve come a long way in a few years and it’s nice to see Eagle Dynamics keeping their modules up to date.

For all of the rest, visit the DCS World Weekend News update and don’t forget that the 50% off sale is on until July 5.

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