Rounding up great YouTube clips from around the community

It’s turning out to be a busy summer for the flight sim community with plenty of new aircraft to fly and new scenery to enjoy. Video makers have been busy pumping out new gameplay and cinematic footage for us all to enjoy. Here are just a few of the highlights from around the community.

Code Harrier

We start with Keller Dominik’s DCS World Movie : Code Harrier. The video has a special forces vibe at the start but it quickly transitions into some high octane Harrier and Hornet action. Tense, dramatic, and really exciting with some great camera shots and plenty of action.

Fire Brigade

Popular IL-2 YouTuber Vade takes to the skies over the Kuban in a Bf109G-6/U4 fitted with the almighty MK108 30mm cannon. The action starts to really heat up at the 2:00 minute mark with a well executed bounce and later Vade uses the MK108 to good effect on some larger aircraft. There’s a bit of a dramatic end too.

Focke Wulf flying over Taman

A second video by Vade, this gameplay compilation of FW190 action over the Kuban map (and specifically over the Taman peninsula) shows just how powerful the FW190A-5 can be. Great action, good scenery, Focke Wulf action, check this out!

Warbird King of the Hill around the Burj Khalifa

The Reapers take to the skies over Dubai in this really interesting scenario featuring the Burj Khalifa (the 830 meter tall hotel that dominates the Dubai skyline) and warbirds. The objective? The two teams have to fly low around the hotel scoring points while keeping the enemy team off balance. This is hilarious DCS warbird action and plenty of cool between the buildings chase sequences.

Superb Hornet cinematic

Next up, a very cinematic DCS: F/A-18C Hornet video by Master Arms with some of the coolest carrier launch imagery I’ve seen from DCS.

Hellreign goes Hornet hunting

Sick of Hornet videos? This might be the antidote. Hellreign82’s extremely entertaining video series takes the MiG-21 out on a tense series of multiplayer missions against a bunch of F/A-18C Hornets and largely comes out on top (although not always). It’s a really cool compilation of victories and some other dramatic moments.

Hell Falls

Alpha-Whiskey’s Hell Falls DCS video features a lot of Su-25, Su-27 and other Russian equipment in action. This video has a very different feel to it than most of the videos I’ve listed here with a slightly slower pace set to some cool guitar riffs. Yet, this is no less exciting!

Push it to the Limit

I don’t think I’ve ever seen ilikevideogame’s videos before but this is a great first impression on me. Set to Scarface’s Push It To The Limit, this short but sweet video has some really solid editing and an exciting Yak-1B fight with some Bf109s recorded using Oculus Rift. You may not notice the editing right away but check out what he does with the music during the blackout… Subtle but effective.

Always just a few

These are just a few of the DCS and IL-2 related flight sim video clips I’ve seen out there. I’m always looking for ones that I’ve missed so feel free to drop me a comment and let me know if there’s a gameplay video or cinematic that you especially enjoyed recently.


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